Merre has built many custom ships. Whatever the market, you will find common themes that define our ships : use of proven technologies, high quality craftsmanship, and low cost of use.


Merré is the only French shipyard specializing in dredging, mastering trailling ans suction dredging, the genflo dredging process, and all dredging equipment.

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Tug SEEM 12-800ST


In harbours and ports, the work is very diverse. Our tugs are designed and built to meet the specific needs of all habours and ports activities.

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Pilote SEEM 12-530AL


Maneuvers near ports are always complex. Our different pilot boats are designed and built to specifically meet the needs of the pilot and crew who operate them.

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Travaux portuaires


In ports, the work is multiple. Our different ships are designed and built to meet the specific needs of each port service.

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Nouvelle commande de 8 Vedettes de Soutien à la Plongée de la DGA


Merré has just started the story for shipbuilding defence. We apply the same standards of safety, behavior, and reliability of our ships that have made our reputation.

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Navire dépollueur SEEM 8-60ST


Merré works closely with port authorities, shipowners and operators to provide the products they need to protect the environment and their work areas. We offer multipurpose vessels offering fire fighting and anti-pollution services.

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Le nouveau bac de Seine navigue en Loire


Merré has built several fast ships, passengers ship, road ferries, ferries which operate all over the world. These public transport vessels are designed to maximize energy efficiency.

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Merré shipping vessels have a very good reputation with high added value, excellent cargo capacity, energy efficiency and attractive price. Each model is customized to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

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