Quality policy

Quality Policy

For nearly a century, Merré shipyard has established the reputation of his brand on the quality and durability of the vessels it has built and delivered to his customers.

Over the years, Merré shipyard has accumulated experience and know-how that it provides to his customers through the design, construction, commissioning and operational support of work boats and dredgers, which is the mission of the company.

Merré shipyard aims to be a major player in France and abroad in the shipbuilding industry in the dredging and maritime works, service and port and passenger vessels fields. In the highly competitive context of international shipbuilding, the Merré shipyard supports his development strategy on his ability to meet the specific needs of his customers by offering vessels designed and built in response to their needs and specific requirements.

The success of Merré shipyard is only possible through the commitment of all his people to the client's orientation strategy and by the management involvement and his representatives by implementing and maintaining an efficient Quality Management System, as well as the continuous evaluation of the company's processes in order to improve their effectiveness in the joint interest of the clients, the company and his people.

Client oriented

Merré shipyard takes places the satisfaction of his customers at the forefront of his concern. This is the key to his future as it contributes to the loyalty of customers and reinforces the reputation of the brand in all the markets where the shipyard is present. In order to evaluate the performance of the Merré Quality Management System in his capacity to meet this objective, the company undertakes to regularly evaluate the capacity of its processes to meet customer expectations, in particular by :

  • Particular attention to customers, particularly during the commissioning of vessels and during their operation,
  • An ability to analyze and integrate the experience of each case, in order to identify the progress of tracks for the following and increase the relevance of its new offerings,
  • Implementation of a continuous improvement plan at all levels of the company.

Management commitment

The management of Merré shipyard and the Management Committee are committed to this Quality Policy and have defined the overall strategic vision for the development of the company in the decade to come.

It is up to the Management and the Management Committee of the Merré shipyard to support this approach,

  • By putting in place the appropriate training of the people involved in the implementation of the Company's processes,
  • By implementing a plan to modernize and renew our ship design and construction capabilities, consistent with the strategic objectives to be achieved,
  • By empowering and putting in place the right levels of delegation associated with the mission of each employee.

The participation of all stakeholders

Every people at Merré shipyard, but also the suppliers, his subcontracting partners and all the actors involved in the design, construction, testing and delivery of the vessels carry the requirements of Merré shipyard because they know it and have integrated it into their mission in order to deliver a product or service that meets the expectations of our customers.

Thus, the Management of the shipyard is committed to the implementation of this Quality Policy in its entirety.

It also knows how to count on the professionalism and the commitment of each one in this approach, for the satisfaction of our clients.


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