State-of-the-art engineering for the user

Whether it is for the design of new designs or the improvement of our existing range of proven vessels, the Merré design department strives to advance the concepts of our ships.

As a naval architects and mechanical engineers, the Merré design office can consider and include the integration of equipment and the operational aspects of the needs of each of our customers according to the regulations.

  • Takes into account the customer's specific needs without constraints and secured
  • Detailed design with specifications
  • Designing efficient, proven solutions
  • Integrated knowledge of operations and equipment
  • Practical experience combined with a theoretical knowledge
  • Experience with several types of vessels in various markets
  • Expertise in Ship structure and Hydrodynamics

Design evolution & Innovation

Feedback from each of our clients is valuable. They are included in every new generation of our ships
This long experience of building and continuous development of our ships has led to the design of designs renowned for their quality and performance.

By listening and learning from our customers, we adapt our designs to meet the ever-changing demands of the market.

Technical specification

Remorqueur SEEM 32-5000ST

General arrangement

Lines plan


Class drawings

  • Hull and superstructure
  • Propulsion and steering systems
  • Piping and systems
  • Electrical diagram
  • Safety and deck equipment


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