Double-end ferry SEEM 46-1250ST "Ile Dumet"

01 March 2012

"Ile Dumet" double-end ferry, the last launched Merré vessel and sistership of "Lola" double-end ferry itself commissioned in April 2012, was launched in Basse-Indre in the presence of President Philippe Grosvalet, President of Loire-Atlantique General Council and sailor Alessandro Di Benedetto, just back from his journey around the world in the Vendée Globe."Ile Dumet", name chosen to evoke the only island of Loire-Atlantique department, took service immediately after the launching ceremony.

With a capacity of more than 1250 horse power, capable of carrying up to 40 light vehicles or 24 light vehicles and 2 heavy goods vehicles, the new double-end ferry operates on Loire river. It is the sistership of double-end ferry "Lola", first ferry delivered to the General Council of Loire Atlantique in spring 2012 by Merré shipyard.

More than a dozen double-end ferries have been uild by Merré shipyard in the last ten years, propulsion diesel or diesel-electric according to the request of the shipowner. These vessels used at sea for the connection between islands or rivers for their crossing are all in service at different points of the earth.

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